Just Beachy!

My husband and I, as well as a few family members, went to the beach last week! We are fortunate to have such gracious and generous family members. Andy’s aunt Pat let us all stay in  her wonderful beach house a few blocks away from Ocean City beach(NJ). For some of us it was the first time we all went to the beach together. We loved every minute of it, and so did the little kiddies! Bevie(Stephen) and Michael could not get over “Big Mouth Billy Bass” who sang two songs, one of which was “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. I would say that was the overall theme to our vacation, everyone had that song in their head, and it’s crazy to hear 5 yr old sing it! We collected lots or shells, spent a couple of nights on the boardwalk, and had a great seafood dinner the last night at Spadaforas! We also got a a pleasant visit from Andy’s brother David and his girlfriend Erica. They spent the last night with us on the boardwalk and it was a very good time!

What a nice lifestyle it was, waking up in the morning getting suits on and heading to the beach, coming back for dinner, and then nights on the beach or boardwalk! Ahh I miss it! But it’s good to be back with the home squad here, and I am uber excited to join my friends, Andrea and Brock, in their marriage Saturday! I am not the photographer for it, but you know me, I will be snapping away even though I am in it, and get a few shots of the details and the bride and groom! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and keep checking back for new pictures and updates!

Here are a few photos I took. These are not all that “creative” and I did not take many pictures as I thought I was going to. I was afraid to lug my big camera to the beach, as I do not have a filter on my lens yet, and I was afraid it would get scratched by the sand. Plus I was in the ocean for most of the time, so I would not want to get my cam wet, or stolen. All these are quick snap shots and some I quickly did some editing on. My niece Megan, who went with us, is a clever and creative photographer herself! She is now the owner of my Rebel, and took a lot of really good and cool pictures from the beach. Once I get her permission, I will post a few of those, just because they are so neat!

Aunt Pat's Cute Beach House

Heading to the board walk, you can tell these guys wanted their picture taken!

ATTENTION: I am getting my business launched here soon. But like I mentioned before I need a NAME! I like Ross Photography/Photo, Bella Foto Photography, Reminiscence Photography, and Sarah Ross Photography/Photo. Please let me know which one would be most appropriate for my business and what you like best!


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