Senior Session-Sarah A.

As I stated in my previous post, Sarah traveled all the way from Pitt to get her pictures taken. They got in on Monday, and I was praying all day that there would be some sun. I was without an assistant this time so I didn’t have anyone to old my “DIY reflector”.  Needless to say, lighting was one of my biggest challenges this time. It stayed cloudy for most of the day and only a few times during her session on Monday did the sun peek out. I took her to Hyner, near the river, and got really beautiful shots. The bugs were nasty and it was so very hot! We had a great time though! The next morning, I went to my sisters residence to take pictures of her in more formal attire. The sun came out for us that morning, however, it was very harsh and very difficult to not get a picture that was too bright or too dark. Every session is another “class” that I get a chance to learn more about my camera, lighting, and myself. I was fortunate to have a lot of time with her, because I was not having her leave without getting awesome pictures! Here are my favorites:

It was such a good time! I am so happy that Sarah and her family chose me to take her pictures! Thanks again guys for traveling to Renovo! It was a great visit and I hope to take more pictures for you all in the future! 🙂


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