Senior Session- Mike B.

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it has been SEVERAL weeks since I last posted. I have been super busy with Nursing school(which just started last Monday), and we are still(slowly) getting settle into our new place. You all will be happy to know that I now have internet access at our apartment(one of the many reasons why I have not posted lately), and I have tons of new photos to share with you! Including, this cool senior Mike!

Mike is a senior at Bucktail Area High School. He is in the same class as my niece Nicole( you can see her pictures here), and I was a senior when they were both starting high school. I can not believe these kids are in the same boat I was 4 years ago! I have never really felt “old” until I see these little kids I once knew becoming juniors and seniors! Anyways, Mike is one cool kid. He was brave enough to allow me to do his pictures when typically I have only done girl senior pictures. He was a lot of fun, and was up for anything. Which made my job much easier. We(Andy and I) took him by the railroad tracks to get some really neat urban, and edgy pictures. Because he is obviously not a girl, I didn’t have to find a pretty field or flowers for his pictures. The old train buildings in my hometown are really neat, and was perfect for his shoot. Here are a few teasers, and when I have a free moment from learning how to inject people with shots and such, I will post more!  😛 Thanks Mike for being such a great sport, you were a lot of fun to work with!

Some of you may have noticed to new touch added to my pictures. I finally got a watermark, and will be posting more about that and my business soon, I promise! 🙂


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