Senior Session- Mike B. Finals

I was so excited about Mike’s pictures that I spent all day yesterday editing them. I wanted to get them up on the blog right away for he and everyone else to see. I had a hard time picking my favorites, but I managed to pick about 12 more to put up on here. Mike, I hope you like your pictures, it was great working with you! Enjoy:

Seniors: if you are interested in getting your pictures done please feel free to contact me on here, e-mail me, or contact me through my new facebook fan page(here). I am also on Facebook as well(Sarah Ross), you can also shoot me a message that way, and I will get back to you with prices etc. Bloggers please keep checking back, I will be posting pictures of the Bucktail Girls Tennis Team, and I did a few new pictures of my niece Nicole as well! I will also be including new information about my business, which is now Sarah Ross Photography.


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