Engagement Session – Michelle and Jason

I have been sooo anxious to work on these photos! I had anything but an easy week, and finally had free time to work on them. The pictures turned out wonderful. We went to Hyner View, PA to do a few shots, but the wind was insane on top of the mountain.  It was also mid-day, no clouds, which made the sun very harsh and made my job a little bit harder. We got some really nice shots up there, and after much torture of cold, cold, wind, I thought of the perfect place to finish the session. Our(Michelle and I) Aunt Carm lives in Hyner and she has a very pretty place set back into the woods with a stream, and very colorful trees. And that is where I got the best shots, I think. We had a really good time that day, my Aunt Teresa also tagged along with them and was a big help. Of course Andy was there as well, and you will see one of his pictures below that he took, but keep in mind it was my idea 😛 ! I hope you enjoy the rest of their photos!

This is the picture Andy took, I was having a hard time focusing on the ring, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve to get the right shot! 🙂


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