Rock The Dress Sessions

I want to add Rock the Dress sessions to Sarah Ross Photography. Being a recent bride myself I have been wanting to do this myself, but really haven’t had the time or a photographer to do it. These are somewhat new to the photography world. They are sessions for brides only to put on their wedding gown again and have a shoot that is fashion forward and edgy. Let’s face it, there are just not enough photos in our wedding albums of ourselves in our wedding gown, least I don’t think so. 🙂 I have been watching some of my favorite photographers do these, and they are really cool, kind of personal and look like a lot of fun. Some even call it a Trash the Dress Session, because they are outside and some brides they even get them to go in water with their dress and sometimes mud! I am not looking for this too much, unless the bride really wants to go there. But my sessions will be all outside, but we will do our best to not make that beautiful dress too dirty. We can be as creative as you want to be!

Since these sessions are new I need volunteer MODELS! I am looking for any recent married bride, or any bride who wants to put on their wonderful gown again and get a personalized fashion photo shoot with it! These will all be free mini photo sessions for anyone who wants to participate! As I have said before, I won’t be doing anything new until the Spring, so these will not start or be held until May. Please e-mail me if interested, I can give you more details about the session etc. And tell anyone that you think would be interested!

Rock The Dress

Here is a storyboard I did up of an idea for a rock the dress session. Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what a session is like, I tried my best to get realistic pictures/places. This is the first storyboard I did so it’s kind of rough, and for some reason my computer didn’t want to fully load the pictures, that’s why you see some blotches! Ugh!

Storyboards are also a new thing to Sarah Ross Photography. I will be making up “idea” storyboards for particular sessions to give my clients a better idea of what to wear, what we will be doing, and where the session will take place. That way they feel more comfortable during the session, and know more of what to do. This will be primarily used for engagements, rock the dresses, maternity, and possibly family photo shoots.

***I got some inquiries about the sessions. And to help further answer your questions, think if it like a second life for your dress. We spent the money on it, and look good in it, so why not bring it back to life and have your own session with it! Why not wear it TWICE? When else are you going to wear it again? So before you put it away or get it preserved, go out with a bang, and get an awesome shoot with your beautiful wedding dress! I’m doing this in hopes to add this as one of my services, and include in wedding packages. The bride is not obligated to buy any prints, but I will use the images for my portfolio and blog. Again please e-mail me or msg me on facebook to answer any questions, or to set up an appointment!

Here is an example of a Rock the Dress Session


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