Summer Sessions

Hey everyone! I am so behind on blog posts! I have been super busy this summer with sessions, and I thank you all for your business and support, it was a super successful summer. I am also getting a lot of requests for next year as well, so thank you everyone for helping my business grow! I am starting school within the next two weeks, so sadly my business will have to come second, which means less sessions and limited availability. So if you are interested in a session please contact me ASAP to check availability in the Fall-Winter. For now, here are a few sessions I did this past summer:

Here is a beautiful engagement session of Candace and Pat. The location was in Bitumen PA, and it was heaven for a photographer.

I had the opportunity to do another baby session! I love doing these! Here is cutie Keira, she was perfect for her session!

Lastly,  a baby mama session. Connie lives right down the street from my parents so we went to the small park near by, and got some family shots, and some of her son Patrick who is adorable. It was a great time, and soon I will hopefully be doing her new additions photos too!


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